It's important to look after your fire to keep it working safely and to ensure that it looks its best for many years. At Ambience: Fires & Stoves we offer full servicing packages for your products to protect you and your family. Annual servicing is a requirement from manufacturers to keep the fire under warranties. Ask us about servicing your appliance to find out more information. We service the following appliances:

Gas Fires

To ensure optimum combustion in your gas fire an annual service is advised. In general this is a strip down, clean, reassembly and test of the fire. We will inspect and clean all parts of the fire including the fuel effect (coals or logs), the burner and pilot assembly. We can check that the chimney or flue is clear and functioning and this should ensure that the fire is working well for the next 12 months. Many modern gas fires, especially remote control fires, use batteries to power the gas valve. These will periodically need replacing for the fire to work. On average this work takes approximately an hour.

Solid Fuel Stoves

Stoves also need checking on from time to time. We can visually inspect the features of your stove and look for early signs of wear and tear. Many things will need replacing over the years (depending on conditions and usage), such as the grate, the baffle plate, the firebricks, rope seals and glass. We can provide peace of mind by replacing parts before they break so that you aren't left cold over the winter months when your stove will see the most use. We can put you in touch with reliable local chimney sweeps to ensure your stove is safe to use for 10+ years.

Our servicing packages offer:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Value for money
  3. Automatic reminders (if requested)
  4. Assistance in helping you meet the conditions of manufacturers warranties