No Chimney - No Problem!

At Ambience: Fires & Stoves we have experience at installing balanced gas flue fires. They are ideal products for new build homes that are often constructed without a chimney. Balanced flue gas fires are among the highest efficiency products that we sell so if you plan on using your gas fire a lot then they are a great way to save money on your heating bills. They can also be installed into chimneys to replace older less efficient models, so they might be the ideal product for you even if you already have a chimney. We have modern and traditional varieties to help create the look you want. Come visit our large showroom in Oxford and be amazed at our live display balanced flue fires. 

Solid fuel stoves or wood burners still require a 'conventional flue'. This means they need a chimney, either a brick built Class 1 chimney or a Twin Wall Flue System. If you don't have a chimney, Ambience: Fires & Stoves can still help. We can design and assembly a twin wall flue system to take the flue gases up and away. They can be fitted by our expert installation team internally or externally, usually in a single day. There are many advantages of installing a twin wall flue system over a brick built chimney:

  • They are much cheaper than a new brick built chimney.
  • They are highly insulated which helps keep the fumes warm. This will help prevent problems of condensation common in brick chimneys.
  • Space-saving. They take up a lot less space than a brick chimney
  • Easier to sweep/inspect and keep clean due to dedicated access components

The team at Ambience: Fires & Stoves can also carry out the necessary general building work to create a larger opening in your fireplace to fit your dream stove. Often the exposed brickwork at the back of a fireplace is not presentable as a finished product so ask us about your chamber options. We have a range of low cost chamber finishes that can help give you the feature you want. 

  • Pompeii Grey Brick Chamber
    Pompeii Grey Brick Chamber Pompeii Grey Brick Chamber by Capital Fireplaces
  • Log Chamber
    Log Chamber Log Effect Chamber by Capital Fireplaces
  • Red Brick Chamber
    Red Brick Chamber Red Brick Chamber by Capital Fireplaces
  • Brick Herringbone Chamber
    Brick Herringbone Chamber Redbrick Herringbone Chamber by Capital Fireplaces