The season of sun is here...and so is Big Green Egg! Ambience: Fires & Stoves are thrilled to announce that we will be one of Oxfordshire's stockists of Big Green Egg from April 2017!

You may have noticed these eye-catching cooking devices on Great British Menu or Raymond Blanc’s “How To Cook” and wondered what they are exactly. Simply put, the Big Green Egg is a ceramic outdoor oven without the limitations of a conventional gas barbecue. They have been revolutionising the way people cook alfresco in the USA for over 40 years before making their début over here in the UK 5 years ago. Made from quality ceramics which ensure astonishing heat and moisture retention, both within the EGG and your food, the Big Green Egg uses an airflow system which allows you to grill, bake, roast, smoke or slow cook at virtually any temperature you need - from 100C to a whopping 400C+! It runs on natural Hickory and Oak lump charcoal that, once lit, is ready to cook on in just 10-15 minutes.

Created for the pleasure of foodies and innovative gastronomical enthusiasts, an extensive range of EGGcessories are on offer to suit your every culinary want and need.

Whether feeding your family, a couple of friends or hosting a whole congregation of hungry appetites, the EGG can be used in any weather at any time of year. Its efficient use of charcoal (16 hours on one load) means you can slow cook a rib of beef, leg of lamb or pulled pork overnight prior to guests arriving at your home. Just sit back, relax and never again miss out on a party due to slaving over a hot stove or charred and sweltering barbecue!

If Big Green Egg sounds like a cooking concept you need to crack into, Ambience: Fires & Stoves would be delighted to provide and assist you with a product that we love and are certain you'll love to. Come by our showroom or give us a call for further details. You could also give our Facebook page a like and look out for exclusive Big Green Egg cooking events coming up this season to see, in full splendour, the latest addition to Ambience: Fires and Stoves' showroom. Arrive with an appetite!